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Retreat Dharma Talks at Mountain Hermitage

An Eco-Dharma Workshop/Retreat with David Loy

These are challenging times. Problems such as global climate change, the proliferation of dangerous chemicals, and species extinction continue to worsen. In the face of these challenges, many of us are experiencing confusion, weariness and frustration, sometimes with a loss of purpose, apathy or even despair. The truth of dukkha (stress, suffering) is hard to miss. But we have our path. By developing wisdom and connecting with each other and the natural world, we can see more deeply, support ourselves more sustainably, and tap into new sources of energy and inspiration.

This unique Eco-Dharma workshop/retreat format encourages exploration of the ways that spiritual practice in nature can nourish an ecological and social consciousness based on caring, wisdom and compassion rather than on anxiety and anger. This 2 and a half day workshop/retreat is not a forum for policy discussion. It is a deeply personal exploration of what is meaningful and nourishing in your life. We will dive into the issues that we face daily: how Dharma relates to our individual selves, to society, and to the ecological, social, and individual emergencies on our beloved planet. We hope to strengthen our connection with spirit and nature while developing tools to face these issues with compassion and wisdom. There will be some periods of meditation both indoors and outdoors, but the focus will be on exploring together the ecological implications of the Dharma.

2018-09-07 (3 days) Mountain Hermitage

2018-09-07 Opening Talk 1:21:10
David Loy
2018-09-08 Saturday Morning Talk 69:54
David Loy
Morning Talk
2018-09-08 Saturday afternoon talk 61:34
David Loy
2018-09-09 Sunday Morning Talk 1:23:43
David Loy
Sunday morning talk
2018-09-09 Closing Talk 59:00
David Loy
Closing Talk
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